Hommer Home Appliances

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About us

Our Vision

We will be the best in all what we offer from products and services.

Our Mission

We continually strive to be a leading home appliances importer through providing superior products and services with reasonable prices to our fellow customers. We also consider leadership and innovation as our way to success, and we always aim to sponsor social activities in all places we work in.

Our values


Value and suitable prices for our products and services are amongst our priorities, and the continuous excellence is our aim.

Honesty and Credibility

We fulfill our promises, and we offer our products and services honestly and with credibility, and respect for our customers.

Leadership and pioneering

We lead by example, and each and every employee is an important party to reach the pioneering state.


We confirm that our employees are behind our success.


Satisfying customers is our first aim.

Continuous improvement

The continuous invention and exploration enhances the competitive ability of the company.

Involvement in the social activities

We are determined to have presence in the social activities in the areas we work in.

Our commitment towards our shareholders

We endeavor to increase the market value of the company.