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Chairman's message

To begin with I would like to welcome you to our website. I would like to give a short introduction about the company and the Libyan market.

Mersin Inc. was established in 2005 specializing in home appliances and air conditioners, while relying on the experiences of the founders and the top management which exceeds a period of 15 years in this field.

We will continue our journey to become one of the leaders in the Libyan market whilst providing our customers with all their needs through our superior agencies while equivalently affording all the services and spare parts. We are convinced that truthfulness, added value, high quality, innovation, environmental care and customer satisfaction that we work with are a priority for our organization.

When overseeing the future and considering the government of Libya’s view and the enormous foreign investment in the country varied in infrastructure and housing which demands providing the products we supply to houses, offices, schools, hospitals and the likes to provide for the Libyan citizens and the people living on the Libyan soil. Therefore, we see that the Libyan market is a promising market that is projected to continue flourishing for the next upcoming 15 years. We thus, guarantee with no doubt with the help of our lord (Allah) that our field will witness a long-term rise that is parallel with our booming Libyan market.

Finally, I would like to show my sincere appreciation to my fellow employees who are driving this successful journey forward.