Hommer Home Appliances

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General Manager's messange

It is my pleasure to give you a slight & quick insight about the brand HOMMER.

HOMMER which aims to be a market leader in home appliances and air conditioners strives at providing its customers with reliable products. It also gives out its services to the Libyan trade including all its products, from electronics to electrical to household goods.

Mersin Inc. the official agent of HOMMER in Libya gives its self off as an efficient company with a number of staff working as professional marketers & technicians who have experience & are specialized in giving out before and after sales services, with affordable prices yet still competing with other international trade brands.

I would like to inform you that our company's tactics are to concentrate on our customers’ needs first and foremost. It is what has kept our company growing all along. The thought of providing our customers with good quality products & affordable prices along with environmental friendly products, including the before & after services is considered a finish to our company's tactics.

We are looking to give through our products total comfort and luxury to our customers. In this site, you will find samples of products which we give out and sell at appointed stores all over.

General Manager